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Sic Bo online is different from Sic Bo in that the AE Sexy direct website to play Sic Bo  will use a container that closes the dice as a transparent container. And below is a shaker that works with a vibrating motor, where players have to place bets before the dealer shakes. Play has a chance to earn easy money. more than ever Play Sic Bo online today with  Sexy Baccarat ufabet. No minimum deposit and withdrawal.  Small capital can play unlimited

betting style and the rate of paying out online sic bo bets

  • Bet Over, Low, Even, Odd, Teng with a payout ratio of 1 : 1.
  • Two toad bets The payout rate is 1:5.
  • Bet on double numbers The payout rate is 1:8.
  • Triple bet at random numbers The payout rate is 1: 24.
  • Triple bet on selected numbers The payout rate is 1: 150.
  • Total Bet There are payout rates at 4 , 17 pays 1: 50 / 5 , 16 pays 1: 18 / 6 , 15 pays 1: 14 / 7 , 14 pays 1: 12 / 8 , 9 , 10 and 11 pays 1: 8

What is Hi-Lo?

This game is a guessing game by shaking the dice. In the game there will be a dealer who is responsible for shaking the dice. The equipment used will be all 3 dice that are placed on the pedestal. with a transparent cover covering all the glass beads Then the bettor has a total of 40 seconds to make a prediction before the timer expires.

If the timer expires, you cannot predict the outcome of that turn. The dealer then presses a button to shake the dice. and announce the dice score However, the web Gclub has a form of forecasting results that make some profits and how is it different from other websites?