Benefits of Chrysanthemum water

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Beautiful flowers such as Chrysanthemum are commonly grown as ornamental plants outside. The most popular varieties that are grown are large single flowers of different colors. to decorate the house Decorate parks or sell them. Chrysanthemum flowers can also be used to make beverages and tea through boiling the white and yellow flowers to add freshness to the body and relieve thirst from flavonoids  are substances that can reduce inflammation.

Chrysanthemum is a medicinal herb that is a cooling medicine and can help treat various symptoms and extinguish the body’s hot toxins.  Report by ufabet

Benefits of Chrysanthemum Juice.

  • Helps cool down and relieve internal heat. 

Chrysanthemum juice has a cooling effect. When drinking, it is also good for quenching thirst. It also relieves internal heat and fever by using about 5-9 grams of dried chrysanthemums flowers, boiled and eaten or made into tea and then drunk in the appropriate amount.

  • Relieve bloating

Hot chrysanthemum juice will help the digestive system work better. Can reduce bloating and flatulence. Especially drinking hot chrysanthemums tea will help the digestive system work better. Helps relieve stomach pain from indigestion. Use about 5-9 grams of dried chrysanthemums flowers, boil to eat or make into tea, then drink in the appropriate amount.

  • Nourish the heart

Chrysanthemums has properties that help lower blood pressure. and prevent heart disease and stroke because it has the effect of reducing blood pressure levels In addition.

  • Dizziness glass 

Drinking Chrysanthemums Juice Will help relieve headaches. You can feel dizzy. Chrysanthemum can be use together with Kotso. and other types of cooling herbs To relieve symptoms

  • Cure red, swollen eyes

in Chinese herbal medicine Chrysanthemum flowers are often mix with mulberry leaves, goji berry or Thai cherry blossoms. Treat red, swollen eyes from round eyes or red, swollen eyes from liver deficiency or a lot of fire in the liver by using fresh flowers, washed clean, crushed, then applied as a compress to the eyes.

  • Treat wounds, abscesses, and pus

Swelling wound: Use 1 handful of fresh chrysanthemums flowers, wash thoroughly, crush, mix with water and drink. Then apply chrysanthemum pulp to the wound.

  • Treat hair loss

Medicinal recipes from Vietnam Use fresh chrysanthemum flowers, pounded finely. Then distill the water and use it as a hair treatment, believing that chrysanthemums flowers can cure hair loss. Helps the hair color to be black, shiny, and not turn gray prematurely.