7 Simple “collect hair” ideas, beautiful hairstyle

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Do Sis girls think the same as when the weather is hot? It makes me feel very annoyed and uncomfortable because when walking around, I have to face a moment of sweat. And also makes you do not want to make up, dress or do beautiful hair as well. Especially with regard to hairstyles, I would say Emissions, long hair, it is incompatible with the summer. Just a little bit because long hair makes it feel annoyed streak hottie neck. When sweating unexpectedly had wet hair once. the hair up on it as a way to help. Solved this problem

Today, we have compiled 5 simple ideas for “collecting hair” for hot / annoyed cis girls to try. And choose to do their hair together. There are ideas for ponytails, buns, braids, braids, etc. No matter what style of girl Sis is. You can choose the hairstyle you like, the right style, and make your own beautiful hair.

1 Ponytail hairstyle

Begins with an easy and classic hairstyle. That can be done at any age, from childhood, adolescence, school age to adults, like “ponytail hairstyle” before it. Ponytail is a simple hairstyle. That can be done in seconds Just comb your hair and use a rubber band to keep it in place. This is the hairstyle that is suitable for summer. It also increases the ambition. You don’t have to be afraid that your hair will stab your face or stab your neck. Even though it’s a simple hairstyle, girls can choose a ponytail hairstyle according to their preferences. Whether it is a high ponytail, low ponytail. A ponytail with a bang / a tuft, a tight ponytail, etc., they are all beautiful.

If women don’t want their ponytail to look tight. Or smooth to make their face appear larger After the ponytail is finish. Be sure to pull the top slightly puffed up. Can help mask the face to look slimmer than before

Ponytail Hairstyle Idea. This idea is a medium hair tie. Not too high and not too low. It also rolls at the end of the hair and has a front tress. Therefore, it helps my hair look beautiful and has more dimensions.

2. hairstyles

If the ponytail is attach. it still helps to cool off completely This time, I have to try to make a “bun hairstyle” or “Dango hairstyle”. Because a bun hairstyle is a hairstyle that gathers the hair over the top. Thus helping to prevent hair from pricking the throat to make it itchy Helps to feel cooler and more comfortable than hair dropping many times. 

More importantly, it is also a hairstyle that any woman does, it looks like a pile. Which makes a bun hairstyle suitable for both women Bangs. Including people. who want to hold their hair open to show their beauty as well. But if anyone wants to do a unique bun You could also try doing a double bun hairstyle. I certify that it is absolutely beautiful and unique!

The bun hairstyle with bangs adds to the tenth style. And the more you add a big hairpin. Also helps to make the hairstyle stand out and look more playful as well

This idea is a double bun hairstyle by combing the middle part of the hair and doing the double bun. Then there was a butterfly hair clip decorated with colorful crystals. So it gave me a feeling of beauty, sweetness and elegance along the way.

3 braid hairstyles.

This is the place of Ban Sai Thong that I came to ~ when I heard the song. This many girls would probably think of “Pojaman” for sure. She’s not young anymore. That we introduced like this is because the next haircut idea that we picked up is the “braid hairstyle”. During hot weather, the liver is very broken. 

Because it is a braid that keeps the hair from looking unkempt and annoying the eyes. And also help make the hairstyle look more beautiful Which there are many braided hair styles to choose from. Such as the two side braids Single braid hairstyle. Techniques for braiding centipede / fishbone braid / embossed plait, etc., you can choose a braid according to your preferences. Or choose to use the braid technique that you are good at

This braid hairstyle idea is to braid two centipede braids. By starting knitting from the top to the bottom. Therefore get a braid that is grad down to smaller It is a braid that looks cute and cool in the same style.

This idea is a simple and unusual braid. Because it starts with combing and combing the ponytail first. Then loosen the braid Till the end of me. Then tie clip and plug that enhances the sweet love to the next level.

4 hair clip

Who wants to get a very beautiful hairstyle, but there is nothing that seems accidental, but the hair is very beautiful Should not miss “Put your hair in the hair clip” Absolutely because this hairstyle is a trend in hairstyles that are hot for both the old and the young woman. 

By collecting hair up to the top and attaching a large hairpin to keep the hair in shape Thus giving a hairstyle that looks beautiful and comfortable on the eyes Not too precise and does not look too simple with that. 

Which the technique of holding the hair clip is not complicate or complicated at all. A sister may leave her hair naturally straight. You can also curl to create a volumizing. That is prepare to attach it to be in shape You see, it’s really easy to do.

5 hairstyles tied on both sides

“The hairstyle tied on both sides” is one of the hairstyles that anyone sees you have to sing “Pretty!” All the time, right? If a young sister wants to try to change her look to be a pretty girl or to look more cute. Tying your hair on both sides can help reduce your age to look younger without the need for filler or botox injections. 

It is also a hairstyle that allows good heat dissipation. Because there is no hair to cover the nape of the neck until. It feels so hot that the sweat is flooded with which the girls may comb their hair in the middle and tie them on each side Or tie them on each side and roll them at the end of the it to have volume Or you can use a ufabet hair clip / colorful hairpins. Can help add features to me and you can look more prominent than before

How are you doing ??? After taking a look at the simple idea of “collecting hair” that we have chosen to leave together all 7 hairstyles, there will definitely be a hairstyle that will definitely be a little bit offensive to the sister of Cis. It is not an obstacle to being beautiful at all, just the girls choose to gather their hair on top instead of letting it down to cover their face and neck This will help make you feel cooler than ever. You don’t need to bother sitting at the end of the hair that prick your neck as well. Next time we will have a beautiful hairstyle. Which style to leave together again I have to follow carefully. I certify that both are beautiful and precise, and not lose to these hairstyles. You can wait and see.