Say goodbye to “acne vulgaris”

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“Acne vulgaris”  or Acne Aestivale is one of the types of acne that is a problem that bothers women incessantly. We know? Especially during hot weather Blemishes tend to pop more on the face than usual. Makes us feel no less annoyed True, although the treatment is not difficult But it is not easy at all to prevent acne vulgaris. Today, we have a story about “acne vulgaris” along with how to take care of yourself to prevent acne vulgaris. Let’s go see. What’s interesting?

What is “acne vulgaris”?

First of all, we must first understand that “acne vulgaris” is an allergic reaction to the skin, not a acne problem , as many young people understand. Sweat gland tumor (Syringoma) looks like a granular rash. Or a large number of bumps Does not have a head like normal acne. 

And scattered around the birth area Especially the forehead, temples, and around the eyes because they are the spots that have no holes under the skin sweat glands When touched, a hard and rough feeling on the skin makes the skin uneven. The causes that provoke acne vulgaris come mostly from external factors. 

What is the cause of “acne vulgaris”?

For “acne vulgaris” that can occur with all ages. Even with those with sensitive skin that are exposed to the environment Like weather pollution Or PM 2.5 dust will weaken the skin barrier. Thus causing acne, blistering or rashes By in hot climates or in exposure to sunlight May cause facial skin redness In some people there may also be pustular inflammation. MIRROR would like to classify the cause of the occurrence of “acne vulgaris”, listen to the following points.

1. Hot weather

When the skin of the girls Must meet with hot weather Hot weather affects the sweat glands in the body. With sweat glands not able to drain sweat well Causing the sweat glands to clog Thus forming a small blister Like an upset Each person may encounter acne vulgaris differently, with some women having acne in the morning. And had a faint red sore Until it disappears during lower temperatures or colder climates

2. Dust or Pollution PM 2.5

Dust or PM 2.5 pollution, including disease, dirt, bacteria that are scattered everywhere in the air. May cause clogging in the pores on the face of women. To the stage of inflammation

3. Weak skin

Weakened skin caused by “Skin barrier” or “Skin Barrier” that serves to prevent the skin from losing moisture. And prevent external factors from harming the skin to weaken Thus causing problem skin such as dry skin or red itchy skin Until causing irritation and a small acne easily formed ufabet

4. Daily life habits

Girls do not know our behavior or our daily life. Are all a catalyst for acne vulgaris to give an example, such as washing your face frequently. Makes the facial skin lose balance Wearing a mask Chemical allergy Using unclean hands to hold and touch the surface, stress or insufficient rest Inevitably results in “acne vulgaris” can occur.

Including methods to treat and prevent acne

True, the prevention and treatment of “acne vulgaris” is not easy. As I mentioned earlier, MIRROR has the following methods for treating it.

1. Avoid the sun, girls should not experience the strong sunlight for a long time, especially during the day. And the thing that girls can not live without is “sunscreen” if inevitable Umbrellas and hats also help you girls. Get a certain level

2. Wash your face properly. We should wash your face 2 times a day for women to exercise. After exercising, wash your face immediately. To cleanse sweat stains, bacteria and oil that may occur during exercise. 

3. Wipe the makeup thoroughly. It is very important for women. Absolutely must not be overlooked Because the makeup remains on the face It is considered the cause of all types of acne, especially.

4. Avoid touching, scratching, scratching, grabbing, rubbing or wiping your face frequently. Because our hands may not be clean enough Which makes it possible to accelerate the formation of dirt on the face

5. Get enough rest Take care of yourself to not be stressed. And don’t forget … don’t sleep too late That is the top cause of “acne”.

I already know this. Girls who encounter “acne vulgaris” problem, hurry and act like recommended. But if still does not help prevent acne causing inflammation We should see a doctor is the best. Read an article on “Health” here.

Or you can go to shop for skincare products that are gentle on your skin, help with acne vulgaris.